raw.organic.GENius Pack

Benefit from the advantages of GENius plant power - every day. Fresh. Raw. Pure. Powerful ingredients from organic farms. Ready to enjoy in ten seconds, wherever you are.

YES - save time, money and effort, but NO - never skimp on the quality or variety of your food! Replace empty calories twice a day with nutrient-rich saturation for all cells.

Improve the way you nourish yourself daily, how you feel physically and your mental clarity to the highest level.
Your genes are not your destiny.

They are your starting position. GENius plant food that’s full of life energy and a powerful range of plants and fruits in all colours of the rainbow will help you to live your full genetic, energetic and spiritual potential. Every day.

Your raw.organic.GENius pack contains deeply pigmented berries, medicinal mushrooms, herbs, cereal grasses, algae and sprouted seeds, along with a full serving of vegan protein and coconut MCT oil to support your body in producing healthy energy and providing long-lasting nutritional support.

You can replace a meal or a snack each day with the creamy L.O.V.E. Dark Berry drink and additionally enjoy daily fresh, green energy for a healthy microbiome–in between meals or as a delicious raw start to a meal.

Some benefits of the products in your raw.organic.GENius pack:

The plants in L.O.V.E. Dark Berry may

  • • support the healthy function of brain and nerves
  • • promote healthy blood vessels and heart function
  • • help maintain healthy joints and mobility
  • • support healthy memory and concentration
  • • contribute to healthy eyesight
  • • help maintain healthy, firm skin and connective tissue
  • • support a stable blood sugar level and a healthy microbiome

The plants in Hippokrates Power may

  • • support a stable blood sugar level
  • • contribute to a healthy microbiome
  • • help maintain a healthy acid-base balance
  • • support your body‘s own detoxification
  • • contribute to a healthy immune function
  • • help to maintain a healthy liver function
  • • support healthy cell membranes

It‘s also GENius, what is NOT in your raw.organic.GENius Pack

  • • no sugar
  • • no gluten
  • • no soy
  • • no animal ingredients
  • • no artificial sweeteners
  • • no artificial flavours
  • • no artificially extracted / single vitamins
  • • no pesticides or other environmental pollution
  • • no nightshade plants
GENiusly simple and sustainable

Is your life busy? Family, career, hobbies, volunteer work, school and continuing education and training, personal development and time with friends.

With the raw.organic.GENius pack, even the most ambitious plans can be fulfilled.

No tedious shopping, no restrictions on the variety and quality of ingredients, no cleaning or handling of blenders, juicers or germinators, no waste of accidentally spoiled leftovers and former “Superfoods”, that may have already lost vital nutrients lying in the kitchen or fridge for too long.

GENius also for purists

Even if you enjoy buying fresh food and prepare it yourself, it can be helpful not to “have to” do this several times a day, year in and year out. You can now have a healthy alternative that meets even the highest standards. And you get to enjoy a wide variety of unique and nutritious ingredients that are otherwise difficult to obtain or grow yourself.

Save money the GENius way

You can save a lot of money on the rest of your grocery shopping, because so many daily green plants, high quality berries, proteins, healthy fats and fiber are already contained in your drinks. See for yourself how your body can change, how your sense of taste can change, how much easier it can be to stay away from unhealthy foods, and how much you will save by not purchasing less healthy foods. This is a great way to save! Don’t skimp on high quality food. You’ll have fewer hunger cravings and won’t be spending money on unhealthy snack foods.

GENius zeitgeist

Some popular dietary recommendations are outdated and, on closer inspection, date back to times when people did more manual work, walked longer distances, and were exposed to less environmental stress and radiation.

Today, additional support for a healthy brain and eyesight is a must for many people in order to physically manage screen activity and information overload.

And it makes sense never to let a lack of high-quality protein and secondary plant substances arise, so that your body can perform all its healthy detox and repair functions excellently even in an stressful environment.

GENius: try without risk

Your raw.organic.GENius pack comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. Test, enjoy, find your rhythm, observe for a few weeks how much you can save on regular food or less powerful food supplements and how much positive change you can feel in your body.

60 Day Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with any Platinum Product for any reason you may return the unused portion for a full refund no questions asked. Please email our customer service support@platinumeurope.biz for details at any time.

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