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Lost 38 lbs after 3 Transformations

As I entered my 60th year, I'd witnessed my health dramatically fluctuate. As recently as last month, I had somewhat given up on myself, “Getting older, oh well…Poor me!” I was getting fat (genetically pre-disposed too) and though I was known to be an energetic person, I ran to coffee for my energy. I was addicted to sugar and processed foods, especially cheese, ice cream, bread and crackers. Thank you, Christopher Taylor, for helping me find Purium. Resistant at first, my own monkey mind and prejudices stopped me from moving forward. “Just another MLM company with stuff for sale,” I thought. However, after taking a few hours out of my incredibly busy and distracted life, I learned about the company, visited their manufacturing facility, attended their first California special event, learned about their mission and I consumed some of their many products. I can honestly say that my skepticism was misplaced – and this is where the saying “Knowledge is power” really comes into play. The company is the real deal, the mission heart-centered, the foods SUPER, and their compensation plan values their advocates (I am one). I’ve learned so much in this past month and look forward to a new, healthier and happier me.

It's been surprisingly easy and I am even more committed to this company nowadays - Purium figured it out, high nutrition and low calories while being sure to give your body protein. Starting weight 213, ending weight after 3 cleanses; 175 pounds. 213- 175 = 38 pounds! Age? 60. Age I FEEL? 30... or less! GO PURIUM!!! PURE non-GMO goodness!!!

Kerry G.
Lost 38 lbs / 20 inches

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