Weight Loss Testimonial

Lost 10 lbs in 10 Days
Owner/ coach/ athlete at CrazyTrain CrossFit West Palm Beach Fl
Masters in exercise science and education.

I was first introduced to Purium by Marina in May 2014.

I was busy training for the CrossFit regionals and trying to start the gym, so I didn't think I had time to do an athlete transformation.

I ended up suffering from a wrist injury after regionals and needed to take some time off from training. I let myself eat whatever I wanted and wasn't training.

Marina said " Jenny this is a perfect time to do the 10 Day Athlete Transformation."

I trusted her so I agreed to do it as long as my roommate Briana suffered with me.

The 1st three days were the hardest , I had headaches and I was very tired. By day seven I was feeling great! I woke up with tons of energy and I was sleeping better than ever. Briana and I decided that on day 11 we were going to celebrate and go eat whatever we wanted.

By day 10 we were feeling so good we didn't want to ruin it. We still went out to dinner but ordered fish and streamed veggies.

I was blown away by my results. I've always been muscular because I train hard but I train for performance not aesthetics. I was extremely shocked at how quickly I shredded up.

The number one question I get from other athletes is “weren't you afraid of losing your strength?”

Yes, I was concerned with that. So on day 12, I tested my clean and jerk and I set a new personal record! :)

I love love the shakes and still drink one every morning. I take 2-3 Aminos before and after I work out. The Super Life and Super Xanthin are amazing!

We carry the Purium products at the gym because I believe they are the cleanest purest product out there and I would not recommend anything to any of my members that I would not personally take.

Jenny C.
Lost 10 lbs in 10 Days

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