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Lost combined 130 lbs in 90 days

Chuck and Guyla teamed up to lose a combined 130 pounds in just 90 days using Purium products. Like many people, the initial weight loss they experienced on their first 10-Day Transformation motivated them to keep going and create a new life of wellness.

"I was truly surprised at how quickly my body changed! In the first six days I lost over 17.5 pounds and felt great. My husband did the fast with me and lost 10 pounds and now he looks really great,” Guyla says.

“ The biggest benefit is that I actually want to play with my 11 kids and family instead of being an observer in their lives. I had been so unhealthy for so long that I just accepted my fate. I had struggled with my weight and blood pressure for years and now I have hope. It’s exciting to be able to do things that I hadn't done in years and to have amazing energy.”

Leading by example, the couple has inspired the entire family to join in. "My son-in-law Julian Morales won Purium's Transformation Challenge and our 17 year old son Kaden uses Purium products in his physique building training."

For the Adams, Purium has played a major role in redefining what living healthy means to them. "Purium is convenient and I know it's good for our family." Guyla says. "We still have our challenges, but we have the key to health. This change in our lives has made me super hopeful that we will be able to help our kids maintain their health and that we will be able to watch them grow. Our marriage will be stronger now that I am able to physically participate and have fun with our family. I am really looking forward to the next 25 years together. I just cannot thank Dave enough for his message and integrity.”

Guyla and Chuck A.
Lost combined 130 lbs in 90 days

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